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Hand Surgery

Any Disease that Strikes a Patient, affects the family and loved ones as well. A patient needs to know that there might be more than one way to cure a disease this will help them make a smarter decision regarding suffering from, and providing that information is the goal of this website.

The Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery Website Offer you a wide database of diseases, their causes, symptoms and preventive & curative measures. These details enable the common man to understand a disease and care for themselves appropriately. It also enables them to identify conditions and act immediately to prevent long term complications, by either taking preliminary precautions or by consulting their physician.

There is very relevant and useful segment on computer Related Injuries which attempts at helping the vast number of computer users in offices around the world.

We provide, through our website, the chance for patients to browse through brief descriptions of common conditions and understand the disease. The FAQ section provides users with common questions and answers that they would, probably, ask if they went to a physician. This helps answer some of their queries even before they step into our office for a checkup.

We also provide information on other diseases, like rheumatology, diabetology, pediatrics and geriatrics and their effects on the hand & upper extremities.

Hand and Wrist Conditions

• Hand & Wrist fractures
• Open Reduction internal Fixation
• Metacarpal Fractures
• Phalangeal Fractures
• Scaphoid Fractures
• Percutaneous Fixation
• Non union with vascularized bone grafting
• Fracture Distal radius
• External fixation
• Metacarpal Fracture
• Phalanges Fracture
• Fracture Distal radius

Wrist arthroscopy case study

• Arthroscopic assisted fracture fixation for lower end radius.
• TFCC repair and debridement.
• Synovial biop sy & synovectomy.
• Loose body removal.
• Wrist injuries.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Endoscopic carpal tunnel release Read the article
• Open Release


• Nerve repair
• Fascicular repair
• Digital nerve repair
• Cable grafting
• Micro vascular
• Revascularisatuion
• Vascular repairs
• Traumatic
• Iatrogenic
• Vascularised joint transfer
• Free flaps
• Lateral Arm free flap
• Latismus Dorsii free flap

Tendon Surgeries

• Acute tendon repair
• Tendon grafting and two stage grafting with sialistic road & pulley reconstruction

Ring fixators in hand

• Congenital deformities
• Camptodactyly
• Radial club hand
• Post traumatic deformities
• Post traumatic stiffness
• Periarticular fractures
• Chronic dislocations
• Digital lengthening
• Acute fractures

Keinbock’s Disease

• Joint leveling procedure in wrist
• Revascularization Lunate using Vascularised Bone Grafting
• DRUJ stabilization procedures
• Tumor and tumor like conditions
• GCT tendon sheath
• GCt Bone
• Hemangioma
• AV Malformations
• Ganglion

Congenital anomalies

• Radial club Hand
• Syndactyly
• Thumb in palm deformity
• Madelung defortmity
• Kirner deformity
• Triphalangism
• Congenital trigger thumb


• Dequervain Tenosynovitis
• Trigger finger and thumb
• Dupuytren’s Contracture
• Arthritis Base of thumb Read the article
• Hand infections
• Ligament injuries
• Ulnar collateral injury Case study
• Amputations

Elbow and Forearm Fractures

• Galeaszzi’s Fracture dislocation
• Metacarp Monteggia fracture dislocation
• Fracture Both Bone Fore arm
• Olecranon Fracture
• Intercondylar fractures
• Supra Condylar fractures
• Radial head fractures
• Coronoid fractures

Elbow Arthroscopy

• Loose body
• Synovial biopsy
• Synovectomy in inflammatory arthritis
• Capsular release

Elbow instability

• Ligamentous instability

Cubital tunnel syndrome radius

• Endoscopic Cubital tunnel release- Dr. Vikas Gupta is the first surgeon to perform
• Endoscopic cubital tunnel release in INDIA.
• Read the article case patient story

Radial tunnel syndrome

• Tennis Elbow
• Golfer’s Elbow
• Olecranon Bursitis
• Elbow arthritis
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Osteoarthritis

Shoulder Fractures

• Fracture Humerus
• Proximal Humeral fractures
• Case study
• Patient story
• Fixation
• Hemireplacement
• Scapula Fractures

Shoulder arthroscopy

• Impingement syndrome
• Stiff shoulder


• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Shoulder Joint replacement

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